Vital Information That is Contained in a Hazardous Waste Manifest for Asbestos Removal

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Vital Information That is Contained in a Hazardous Waste Manifest for Asbestos Removal

30 April 2019
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When choosing an asbestos abatement company, it is critical to select one that has in place an effective tracking system for the hazardous waste they deal with. An essential component of the system is the Hazardous Waste Manifest. It is a document that every asbestos removal company should have as it helps to track asbestos waste from the time it leaves a source to the designated off-site hazardous management facility for storage, treatment or disposal. However, the most important thing is to understand the information that goes into the Hazardous Waste Manifest. This article highlights critical information that is contained in the manifest.

Type and Quantity of Asbestos — The type of hazardous waste is the first thing that asbestos abatement companies indicate in the Hazardous Waste Manifest. This part is vital because it determines the mode of storage, treatment or disposal of the waste. In this case, the abatement firm must indicate that the type of waste is asbestos. Once the abatement company has stated the kind of waste being removed, the firm is supposed to ascertain the quantity of the asbestos. It is another crucial part because every treatment or disposal facility has a different capacity. Additionally, specifying the amount of asbestos-containing material recovered ensures that the abatement company abides by the necessary asbestos removal regulations.

Waste Handling Instructions  — Different hazardous waste materials are handled differently. For instance, asbestos is dealt with differently from radioactive material. Therefore, it is essential to stick to the handling instructions of the hazardous waste in question. For example, different techniques are considered when dealing with loose and fixed asbestos-containing material. If the asbestos is frail and free, then the abatement firm must sprinkle water to ensure loose asbestos fibres do not get airborne. If the asbestos is stable and there are no signs of loose fibres, then there might be no need to use water. The same applies to storage and disposal of asbestos. Therefore, as you inspect the Hazardous Waste Manifest, make sure that the waste handling instructions are clear and that the abatement company does what is expected.

Signature From all Parties Involved — Handling of hazardous waste requires effective accountability. The integrity of the process is critical from the transportation of asbestos to disposal. Therefore, all involved parties are required to sign respective sections on the manifest once they have completed their role in handling the asbestos. For instance, once an abatement company has removed the material, the firm will sign its section. The same happens when the truck driver delivers the waste to a disposal facility and so on.  An adequately signed manifest promotes accountability when dealing with hazardous material.

Now that you know more, you can choose your preferred asbestos removal services.