Top Tips When Choosing A Rubbish Removal Service

Does it seem like your business produces more waste than you can keep up with? Learn about garbage removal options for your business.

Top Tips When Choosing A Rubbish Removal Service

25 August 2020
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Choosing a rubbish removal service may seem like an easy task. However, choosing the wrong service provider could lead to severe disappointments. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to choose a rubbish removal service.

Operating Routes and Customer Service

Inquire about the company's operating routes. Some companies will promise to collect garbage even if they do not operate in your area. However, there is a possibility that the removal service will not collect your rubbish on time. Besides, they may charge an extra charge since the truck will travel a long distance to your home. 

You should also examine the company's customer care service. Many companies will have a dedicated customer care service to respond to your inquires and garbage collection requests. Preferably, you should avoid companies that take too long to respond to your emails or calls. 

Services Provided

Check the kind of services that the rubbish removal company provides. For example, some companies will place a skip bin at the front of your house. They will pick the bin at regular intervals depending on the amount of rubbish your home or business produces. The company could also provide garbage bags to put your household waste. Some removal services will also dispose of your demolition waste such as asbestos, lead, wood, iron bars and aggregate. However, you are required to inform the company when disposing of this waste. If you run a medical or veterinary clinic, inquire whether the company disposes of medical waste. The company should also provide clean-up services. It would be unfortunate if they leave your property littered after collecting the rubbish. 

Examine the company's recycling policy. Many rubbish removal companies have long-term relationships with charities, auction companies and recycling companies. Typically, they will sort out your waste to know whether you disposed of recyclable items such as electronics, furniture, metallic and ceramic house fixtures.

Costs and Insurance

Examine the company's pricing strategy. Most companies will use the location of your home and the amount of garbage to know how much they will charge. Compare the pricing policy of a few companies vis-à-vis the services provided. Ask when and how you should make your payments. Some companies may insist on cash payments, while others will accept bank transfer and credit cards. Beware of extra charges such as penalties for late repayments. Besides, the company should have a general liability insurance cover. It ensures compensation if their staff damage property or injure someone when working on your property.

When choosing a garbage removal service, evaluate their operating routes, customer services, range of services, costs and insurance coverage.