Questions to Ask When Considering a Commercial Bin Hire

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Questions to Ask When Considering a Commercial Bin Hire

23 February 2016
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Before you hire or rent a commercial bin for your property, you want to ensure you take the time to ask the right questions of a potential company and get the bin that would work for you. There are many types of bins and, of course, a variety of companies from which to choose when it comes to emptying and managing your bin, so note a few questions to ask before making a decision on your commercial bin needs. This will ensure you find the right bin and the right company for you.

1. Ask About the Access of the Bins

While you may not think you would ever want to actually go into a bin, if there is trash that is crowding the bin itself or something that might topple over one side, you might want to physically enter the bin and take care of this problem. If you're getting a bin for an apartment complex, you may know that people often toss furniture and other large items in the bin, and this can cause the bin to overflow. Being able to enter the bin easily can mean ensuring that you can easily access the trash and remove anything that doesn't belong there.

2. Ask If They Compact the Trash or If You Can Choose a Compactor

Compacting trash can mean that it takes up less space in a landfill; choose a company that compacts their trash for a more eco-conscious way of handling their pickups. You might also ask if there is a compactor model you can choose for your own use, as this can mean more room in the bin and the trash itself will be compacted before it's picked up and disposed of.

3. Note If They Can Provide Skip Bags for Excess Trash

Skip bags are like oversized, heavy trash bags and they can be good for excess trash and items, like papers, lawn clippings, and anything that may actually blow out of a commercial bin. Skip bags can be a good choice for regular use or you can use them for special cleaning jobs, such as when your office is downsizing or renovating and you need to remove or clean out filing cabinets. If you can have the same company provide the skip bags as your commercial rubbish bin, this can make it easier on you to have all your trash removed as needed.

If you have any questions about hiring a skip bin, consider contacting a local commercial bin hire service to discuss your concerns.