How to find the best skip bin hire company for your needs

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How to find the best skip bin hire company for your needs

29 March 2016
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Hiring a skip bin rental company to tend to the garbage disposal needs of your renovation site is the easiest way for any renovation company to deal with all the leftover materials from the house you're working on. Commercial skip bins are common, and there are many companies that offer them and the additional services that come with skip bin hire. In order for you to decide which company to hire to fulfill your skip bin needs, there are a few things you should think about.

Dropping off and picking up

The first thing you need to discuss with the skip bin hire company you're thinking of hiring is how their procedures for dropping off and picking up work. Ask if they charge extra for dropping off or picking up; this is traditionally part of the sum you're paying for the skip bin itself, but it might differ between different companies. You should also make sure that they are available for picking the bin up at unexpected times. During a renovation project, you might to have the bin emptied more than once, which means that a company that only offers to empty the bin on one scheduled time won't be of much use for you.


You should also examine what their stance on recycling is. Most skip bin hire companies offer extensive recycling programs for a variety of materials. You should, however, ask them for the course of action regarding this. Some materials might not be possible to recycle unless they are separated in their own bin, which means you'll have to hire more than one bin to make sure all materials are recycled properly. Also ask them if there are materials that they won't handle. Some companies won't deal with materials affected by asbestos and therefore won't attempt to recycle asbestos infested wood.

Type of skips

Finally, you also need to take a look at what skips the company offers. For commercial renovation companies, the smaller varieties of skips usually won't do much good as they will have to be emptied continuously during the project. Make sure the company you're thinking of hiring have skips in the size that you need. Also make sure that they offer roofs for their skips. Skip bins have a tendency to be treated like public property, regardless of where they are placed. Avoid having people put their household garbage in your company's skip bin by making sure the commercial skip bin company offers lids to all of their skip bins, regardless of size.