Go Green: Supporting the Environment

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Go Green: Supporting the Environment

15 July 2016
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The Australian Department of the Environment's Clean Land Plan 2016 aims to "... clean up and revegetate urban environments." The initiative looks to encourage local households, businesses and volunteers to support cleaner waste disposal to help tidy up the environment. The Government's Green Army project is an initiative that encourages businesses and people from different backgrounds to contribute to community service through cleanup projects. In addition to this project, here are a couple of simple tips you can use to help ensure that you are supporting this initiative and disposing of waste in a safe and and effective manner. 

Skip Bin Hire

When redecorating the garden or home, large piles of rubbish can often get left in a heap somewhere out of sight. Hiring a skip bin is a great way to collect everything together so it can be disposed of easily. In support of the Clean Land Plan, ensure that whichever skip hire company you use conforms to Australia's National Waste Policy. You'll feel better knowing that your waste is being disposed of safely and effectively, helping you to care for the environment.


According to Australian Science, Australians create the second largest amount of waste per individual per year, which ends up being approximately 650kg of waste per year. Purchasing two or three different coloured trash bins will allow you to quickly and easily separate waste, which can then be taken to a recycling facility to be reused. Having a smaller bin in your kitchen will also encourage you to empty your trash more frequently. Whilst this may seem like an inconvenience, it is actually more hygienic and can stop bad odours building up in the kitchen. Just make a habit once a day to take out your cardboard, glass, plastic and organic waste; disposing of it when your new dedicated recycling bins are full. Storing them in the garage will keep them out of sight, and quickly rinsing out any cans and jars can further reduce any odour from building up. If you're storing your bins outside, ensure they are well covered to reduce the risk of attracting local wildlife that may be scavenging for leftovers. 

Both of these tips are easy to implement and will contribute greatly to Australian environmental sustainability and cleaner planet for all. Encouraging the whole family to participate will also raise awareness and develop healthy recycling habits for the next generation and beyond.