How to Prevent Your Hired Skip Bin Becoming a Health Hazard: 2 Top Tips

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How to Prevent Your Hired Skip Bin Becoming a Health Hazard: 2 Top Tips

14 August 2017
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If your home is full of the junk and debris which builds up over the course of a human lifetime, the process of disposing of this detritus can be therapeutic for your mental well-being and can improve your home, making it a beautiful place to live. However, when using a skip bin, it is important that you follow a few ground rules so that the bin does not begin to present a public health hazard.

Do not place food waste into a skip bin

When clearing out your home, you may be tempted to chuck in some bags of everyday household waste. After all, the junk is all going to end up in the same municipal landfill site. However, it is important to remember that it may take you some time to fill a skip bin with the various items of junk you have purchased in an attempt to fill that empty black hole in your soul created by 21st Century capitalism. During this time, the domestic food waste you have placed in the skip bin will begin to rot. Not only will this make the area around your home smell worse than it already does, but it will also attract rats and other vermin, who once they have feasted on the remains of the microwave dinners in your skip bin, may venture towards your house in search of more food. If this occurs, it could result in a serious pest control problem. 

Have the skip bin removed as soon as it is full

Life can be busy. However, no matter how busy you are, once your hired skip bin is full, you should never be too busy to give the skip hire company a quick call so you can ask them to remove it. Once you have called, the skip bin hire company should send a truck around to pick up the full bin and, if a replacement is requested, will replace it with an empty one. You do not have to do anything else apart from make the phone call. Providing that you leave any access gates open, you do not even have to be home when the skip collection truck calls to your home. If you let a skip bin full of junk sit on your property, it is likely to attract all kinds of wild animals which are looking for a home. These animals will bring with them fleas, mites and other diseases which could pose a severe health hazard.

If you would like any further advice about hiring a skip bin, you should give the guy at your local skip bin company a call.