Guidelines on how to produce less plastic waste

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Guidelines on how to produce less plastic waste

16 February 2018
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A lot of the plastic waste which is generated in our homes ends up in landfills. The international recommendation is that if plastics cannot be properly recycled by remoulding, they should be chemically broken down. Some companies capitalise on the breakdown of these hydrocarbons into different types of fuels and petrochemicals. It is therefore important to understand how you can reduce the amount of plastic waste that you produce in the home and proper disposal of the little that you must use through a rubbish removal service.

Shopping in reusable containers

When you are buying items such as rice, wheat flour, granulated sugar and other cereals, use either reusable bags or plastic bins. When you have shopped for items in these bins, save them and use them again for future purchases. When shopping for takeout, bring your container to avoid taking Styrofoam to your home. When buying items such as milk, it is best to use your reusable bottle. The same reusable containers will be great for vegetable and fruit shopping. When packing your lunch, make use of reusable bags as opposed to plastic.

Proper plastic garbage collection

If you have a project where the use of plastic is inevitable, you will have to contact a skip bin rental company. When you contact them, you have to let them now that the garbage you are managing is mainly plastic. They will give you the right recycling bins to put your wastes in and help in taking them to the proper recycling centres. They will also give you proper guidelines on the proper collection of the plastic wastes.

Plastic garbage disposal

The most common methods to dispose of plastic wastes which are not reusable are either landfills or incineration. People have issues with incineration because of the smoke produced and the energy waste. Landfills are the most likely place that the garbage disposal company will be taking your wastes after you have collected them. Do your due diligence to find out if the company has the right permits and certifications for plastic disposal. Careless disposal of this type of waste can have serious legal and environmental implications.

The best way to deal with plastic waste is to avoid creating it in the first place. However, if the creation of the waste is inevitable, you can consult a competent skip bin rental company for reliable distribution of recycle and disposal bins, the collection of the garbage and proper disposal.