Reasons to Use a Skip Bin Hire for Your Outdoor Event

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Reasons to Use a Skip Bin Hire for Your Outdoor Event

17 December 2018
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If you have been planning an outdoor event, such as a wedding or family gathering, you may be looking for ways to simplify the event for yourself. You may have already decided to use a catering company for the food. You also might decide to use a small staff for setup and cleanup. What you may not be considering is using a skip bin hire. Here are few reasons you should consider using a skip bin hire for your outdoor event, and how it can help you reduce the stress of the event overall.

Ease of Cleanup

One of the leading reasons that people use a skip bin hire during their outdoor event is to help with cleanup. When you have smaller rubbish bins located around the event area, there is a potential for more cleanup. This is not due to the number of rubbish bins that need to be removed and cleaned after the event. This is primarily due to the bins becoming overloaded with waste, tipping over, or waste getting scattered due to winds. With a skip bin hire, you do not have this issue. You can have your event goers use the skip bin directly, which eases cleanup for you and for any cleanup staff you may have for the event.

Removal Assistance

When you handle the waste of your event on your own, it will be up to you to remove the waste from the event site. This can mean incurring fees for a rental truck for the removal as well as dumping fees. Keep in mind, certain dumping sites will also require you to have the waste separated. This means glass and paper should be separate, as well as food waste. When you use a skip bin, the removal as well as the separation of waste is handled by the skip bin company.

Recycling Options

When you use a skip bin hire for outdoor events and other large projects, you have more recycling options available to you. This is compared to the recycling options you would have if you handled the waste gathering and removal yourself. Then your options would be limited to landfill recycling bins during the drop off portion of the waste removal. With a skip bin hire, the company handles recycling for you. This means you are getting more waste to recycling rather than in landfills.

If these reasons to use a skip bin hire for your outdoor event sound appealing to you, contact your local skip bin hire services. They can help you with pricing, delivery, pickup and with any questions you have about the process. They can also help with setup at the event location.