Does it seem like your business produces more waste than you can keep up with? Learn about garbage removal options for your business.

Go Green: Supporting the Environment

15 July 2016
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The Australian Department of the Environment's Clean Land Plan 2016 aims to "... clean up and revegetate urban environments." The initiative looks to encourage local households, businesses and volunteers to support cleaner waste disposal to help tidy up the environment. The Government's Green Army project is an initiative that encourages businesses and people from different backgrounds to contribute to community service through cleanup projects. In addition to this project, here are a couple of simple tips you can use to help ensure that you are supporting this initiative and disposing of waste in a safe and and effective manner. Read More …

How to find the best skip bin hire company for your needs

29 March 2016
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Hiring a skip bin rental company to tend to the garbage disposal needs of your renovation site is the easiest way for any renovation company to deal with all the leftover materials from the house you're working on. Commercial skip bins are common, and there are many companies that offer them and the additional services that come with skip bin hire. In order for you to decide which company to hire to fulfill your skip bin needs, there are a few things you should think about. Read More …

Questions to Ask When Considering a Commercial Bin Hire

23 February 2016
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Before you hire or rent a commercial bin for your property, you want to ensure you take the time to ask the right questions of a potential company and get the bin that would work for you. There are many types of bins and, of course, a variety of companies from which to choose when it comes to emptying and managing your bin, so note a few questions to ask before making a decision on your commercial bin needs. Read More …